SERIE DE CASCADA DE LED 700 Led 13m Cascada Serie Luz de Navidad Decoración navideña Aleros Barandilla de techo Luz exterior

Artículo No.: ICE700L-CSC
Luz de Navidad 700 LED 13M, Cable Transparente, Muy Ideal para Luz Mexicana 110v, Serie Navidad, con 8 Modos de Iluminación, Perfecto para Decoración de Bodas, Iluminación de Jardines, Árbol de Navidad, Adornos e Iluminación de Ventanas, Iluminación de Pa

Cascade 700 Series LED colors: color, cool white, warm white, blue
Usage: High quality indoor outdoor led light Christmas decoration
Make your Christmas colorful with our products.
We are the best decoration option installed in your home courtyard, balcony, Christmas tree, room, eaves, living room and decoration of hotels and attractions.
You can also create a better atmosphere for your family gatherings, gatherings or free time and enjoy the brightness and color of our lights. Various lengths and quantities of beads to personalize your décor.
Our waterfall lights have eight lighting modes, allowing you to choose a stylish and beautiful style to add color to your life.
Waterfall series Christmas lights will be the best choice for this festive LED lighting.
➢ Length: 13 meters
➢ Number of lamp beads: 700 LEDs (each LED length 2.5cm)
➢ Waterproof grade: IP65
➢Input voltage: 110V
➢ Power: 11W
➢Wire: PVC transparent wire (except blue thread)
➢ Process: casing isolation column

There is one every 15CM, short (25CM 6 LED), medium (45CM 8 LED), long (60CM 11 LED) as a group, each group of 25 lights, in turn, starting from the short band, ending with the long band, and the last long belt with a controller distance of 150CM

Product advantages:
➢ 8 kinds of lighting effects for more decorative beauty.
➢ We and our products respect and are responsible for the environment, energy saving and safer.
➢Waterfall light material is more durable, there is a protective layer outside the light line, and the heat dissipation is good. This guarantees more durable use.
➢ Very easy to install.